A Girl’s Day out: Dressing to Impress

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The modern girl is away from home most of the time attending various functions, be it a party, a dinner. Sometimes knowing what to wear what which function may be very difficult. Here are a few suggestions on how to dress to impress on various occasions.

Cocktail party

A cocktail party is a casual wear affair and you can’t really go wrong with a proper fitting top and skirt and heels or fancy flat shoes. For a cocktail party anything casual and fancy is ideal, just avoid the street casual regalia or such super casual fabrics and designs. Remember every city and every country has its own dress codes and it wise to have ears on the ground in your city and be in the know of the latest fashion trends in your city.

 A Dinner Party

For dinner parties it is worth considering time of the year, your hosts and the occasion before picking that piece of garment to don your body.   For dinner party dressing there is no one solution to the quagmire for if you under dress you may offend your host, if you overdress it might still offend them. It is therefore important to understand the occasion for the dinner and your host’s sense of style before trying something out of the ordinary

A Business Dinner

The business culture in your locality should inform how you dress for a business dinner. In a conservative environment always dress conservatively otherwise you will pass of as some jock. Remember, no matter the culture keep of provocative pieces of attire as they may derail your job performance as your business associates might stop taking you serious and this might hinder your job advancement. If your workplace is not really casual then office wear might be appropriate for a business dinner otherwise get advice from a trusted worth fellow diner before showing up at the dinner.






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