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Five glamorous party shoes for every Woman

  The holiday season is here with us now and if you love to party then you might find yourself shuffling between parties. To keep shinning at every party you must carefully plan your party wardrobe. To start you off you have to choose elegant accessories that match your great party outfit and shoes are […]

Feel Great and Look Cool with Trendy Colors in Summer

  Glow in vibrant colors as you feel great.  Welcome the summer in styles with warm colors and keeps the gloomy winter days out of your mind. To get everything right here are a few tricks. For starters multi- colored bottoms and floral tops will do the trick.  Find yourself a beautiful colored skirt and […]

Easy Ways for Women to be Stylish in 2014

  You can buy trending fashion but you have to own your own style in order to look really great. To be stylish you must put in a little effort and intelligence. So here are a few easy steps to make you stylish 1.      Give it a Try You can’t be stylish if you don’t […]

Be a Classy Girl this Festive Season

  To be a classy girl you’ve to have a style and confidence. Be confidence with who you are and always dress to match your ego. As they say your style helps built confidence. To successfully pull a classy persona then you have to keep in mind a few things.  For a start you need […]

An Elegant Lady’s Four Must Have Party Accessories

  If you are looking to impress when dressing for a party, then the choice of accessories is the easiest way to do so. As you prepare for the charismas rounds of parties, you have to spruce up your accessories collection. Here are five great party accessories you must consider for a classy look. Sparkling […]

How to Differentiate Original and Fake Perfume

  Everyone wants to look good and smell good. If you are a perfume freak then you must be aware of availability of fake perfumes in shops. So, you should know how to select an original perfume. The most basic different is that scent of fake perfume will lose in a matter of minutes but […]

Choosing A Right Lipstick Texture

  If you have selected your lipstick shade then your next obstacle is to select a right texture. There are three textures available of lipsticks; matte, creamy and glossy. Matte Lipstick: Matte lipsticks are usually bright in color and non glossy. This texture can be perfect for you if you want full coverage. The feel […]

Essential Oils For Winter

  If you really want to protect your skin from cold and dryness in winter time then essential oils are there for your skin to protect you from winter’s worst damage. There are dozens of essential oils available, some includes original fruit oils and botanical ingredients that can really help you to protect your skin […]

Look Good And Feel Good

  Whether you are big or small, it is your right to look and feel great no matter your body type. Most people draw their fashion sense from their favorite models or celebrities, however their body shape is never the same as each and every human is unique and no two individuals on the planet […]

Women’s Jewelry Trends

Now more than ever, the modern woman has to look stunning in the latest fashion of the jewelry. Yet women’s jewelry trends are constantly evolving at fast rate. The stylish sassy woman today has consider various factors such as seasons,  the latest catwalks styles in  London, Paris and New York and other celebrity influence before […]

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