Be a Classy Girl this Festive Season

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To be a classy girl you’ve to have a style and confidence. Be confidence with who you are and always dress to match your ego. As they say your style helps built confidence. To successfully pull a classy persona then you have to keep in mind a few things.

 For a start you need a sense of style. To develop your ideal sense of style you have to learn from others. So try and read on fashion and develop friends with fashion gurus in your locality. Aim at creating your own fashion rather copying as copying others won’t help build your self esteem and the confidence you need to be classy.

Colors are an essential part of your styles. Always look for colors that compliment your skin type. Being a classy girly is about the harmony you create in your dressing. Don’t over experiment with sharp colors as you might end up with an awful color mismatch.

Keep your hair stylish and fresh. You should keep your hair need and clean always for you to be classy. Experimentation with new hair styles is a fun way of discovering your styles, but always remember too much experimentation may portray you as less classy, so be a little conservative when experimenting with new hair styles.

And lastly, being classy is not all about dressing up, smile. Classy girls are happy and always friendly so don’t feel bad if others around you are not smiling. Be nice to others and all people around will like you. This is the real meaning of being classy. Being classy also demand that you be kind and friendly at all times and to all people. Show politeness to your superiors and inferiors. So listen when others are talking to you and always maintain an eye contact. Avoid being loud in public places and you will really be classy this festival season.





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