Body Detoxification – 8 Natural Foods to Clean Your Body!

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Many times due to over consumption of unhealthy foods (junk food) or after-holiday celebrations, we tend to lose the control over the food, so there is the need to detoxify our body.

Limiting alcohol and sugar combined with a healthy diet does wonders!

 1. Cardamom

Add this to your next salad. It helps activate enzymes that cleanse the liver, and it is a natural diuretic.

 2. Lemon Water

Lemon is known for its vitamin C containing, which helps in burning fat (natural fat burner) and detoxification. At the same time it helps in digestion.

 3. Green food

Lettuce – Spinach –Kale; anything that has dark green leaves helps.

Eat raw vegetables; in a salad with olive oil or with lemon natural juice.

It helps in digestion, and eliminates the toxins that poison the body.

 4. Fruits

There is no better way to detox. Many times after the holidays we are filled with butter and fat in our body. A bowl filled with fruit is definitely the best way for detoxification. Everyone knows that fruits are full of vitamins and beneficial properties.

 5. Cabbage

In many cultures eat cabbage is said to bring good luck and prosperity. Besides it helps to cleanse the liver. Suggestion: Make a salad with cabbage – apple and cumin, the result is so delicious and crunchy!

 6. Artichokes

Many studies have shown that artichokes help keep the liver healthy. If you want natural detoxification, artichokes are the best option.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is high in catechins (flavonoids), which help for a faster and better functioning of the liver and the activation of the antioxidant enzymes of the liver.

 8. Beetroot

To combat the problems of the bladder, doctors suggest eating beet-root. The fibers that are contained in beet-root; they help activate antioxidant enzymes in the liver. This helps in the destruction of the toxic substances present in the body.



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