Bridal Makeup; Do It in A Right Way!

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 The big day is approaching and you are still wondering about what is the ideal makeup. On the wedding day you’re the protagonist, so you will magnetize the looks; there is no need to exaggerate the makeup and your hairstyle. The perfect bridal makeup is impressive without looking like too much. See how you will manage it!

1. Clean Skin

At least one month before the big day, make sure you follow a skin care routine. In the morning and evening use deep soap cleansing, moisturizing creams and twice a week make sure you do a good scrub on your skin.

2. Mat Textures

To avoid the shining on the forehead in the pictures of your wedding, choose a foundation with a matte texture.

3. Be Careful With The Concealer

Obviously you want to look radiant on the big day. But be careful not to fall into the “trap” of exaggeration to accomplish it. Cover potential dark circles and scars with the concealer but made sure to apply it well!

4. Natural Lips

For the perfect natural makeup, secret lies mainly on the lips. Select a lipstick a little darker than the natural color of your lips for perfect results!

5. Create A Balanced Makeup

Eye eyeliner, enough mascara, nude lips and a blush that will give you a natural looking are the basics of a wedding look. Whatever makeup you choose, make sure that you highlight all your balanced features.

 6. Do A Makeup Rehearsal

A few days before the wedding, rehearse your makeup to correct any defect.

7. Take Some Photos

To be sure that the photos of your wedding are perfect, get several pictures in the rehearsal of your wedding dress! Always remember, the camera and the mirror don’t always show the same result.




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