Choosing A Right Lipstick Texture

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If you have selected your lipstick shade then your next obstacle is to select a right texture. There are three textures available of lipsticks; matte, creamy and glossy.

Matte Lipstick: Matte lipsticks are usually bright in color and non glossy. This texture can be perfect for you if you want full coverage. The feel of matte lipsticks is soft and smooth. For a perfect matte, apply it with brush and add some concealer.  People have different opinions about matte, some of them find it dry too. You can add some moisturizer too to avoid dryness but keep in mind adding moisturizer decrease its reapplication. No matter what, matte lipsticks are too much in trend this winter.

Creamy Lipstick: Creamy lipsticks can be excellent for you if your lips get dry in winter. It contain moisturize emollients like shea butter. You can also find creamy lipsticks with somewhat matte finishing, which can be a perfect choice for you. Creamy lipsticks don’t lasts so long and touchups are required. Using creamy lipstick with lip brush is recommended. Creamy lipstick looks great in every occasion.

Glossy Lipstick: Glossy lipsticks are usually light in color and contain heavy moisture emollients and shea butter. If you are a shiny lip lover then glossy lip stick is for you. It gives a extremely pretty look but it need continuous reapplication. It is usually recommended for day time occasions.




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