Deodorants! We Really Need Them

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The sun, the heat and the few clothes reveal details that otherwise would have remained well hidden! And no, I do not just mean some physical defects, but the problem of sweating for some is bold, bringing them into trouble.

Sweating Is Important

Sweating is a normal body function and has two purposes: One is to maintain the body temperature to normal levels and the other the elimination of toxins. Although the sweat glands are scattered all over our body, yet there is an increased number in the underarm area.

But what’s wrong with me? Originally sweat is odorless, but if your sweat remains long hours in our skin, especially in places like armpits, when the environment is hot and humid and conducive to bacterial growth, it begins to smell strongly, unpleasant and persistent. This may be because: for reasons of cleanliness – our clothes should be clean and we should do shower daily.

Of course immediately after showering you should dry out your armpits thoroughly and put your deodorant. Here we should emphasize that the deodorant alone is not enough! You have to put it on clean skin and wear clean clothes so even if you sweat much during the day, they protect you from unpleasant odors.

Which Deodorant should I Choose?

Deodorants on the market available in spray or roll-on form,they give us a sense of freshness and confidence. And they are divided into two main categories:

  • In deodorants, which prevent the growth of odor neutralizing bacteria and leaving a wonderful feeling of cleanliness that lasts many hours.
  • In the antiperspirants, which regulate the function of the sweat glands.

Whichever type of deodorant you use, remember that the skin in the armpit area is particularly sensitive and vulnerable because of the hair removal, so do not forget meticulous hygiene and hydration.



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