Easy Ways for Women to be Stylish in 2014

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You can buy trending fashion but you have to own your own style in order to look really great. To be stylish you must put in a little effort and intelligence. So here are a few easy steps to make you stylish

  1. 1.      Give it a Try

You can’t be stylish if you don’t try, so make an effort. Every day make an effort to look your best; don’t just find a clean outfit. This should not in any way be taken to mean trying to look elegant in a suit or anything else, but dressing you beautiful body in a suitable properly fitting and comfortable attire. Giving it a try also involves proper grooming. Make sure that your hair is done properly and looks nice and your make up is spruced up. Don’t try to go overboard, just keep everything neat and your style will begin to fall into place.

  1.  Flatter your shape

When it comes to style, fitting is the key word. So no matter your body type and style there is always an outfit that comfortably fits and flatters you. So before you are blown away by trend and the in fashion always try and find fitting attire. Otherwise the clothes you get will either make you look too thin or very fat, which is not ideal when you are trying to look stylish.

  1.  Accessories are the king

When it comes to being stylish accessories are everything. With the right accessory you can transform any attire into a great style and you should therefore select your accessories more carefully.  Shoes may not be classified as accessories but they serve the same great purpose in being stylish. A great shoes shows style, elegancy and how sassy you are, so don’t just buy shoes because you can  find them, go for great colors, shapes and styles.

  1. 4.      Shop continuously

When you want to look stylish don’t settle for what is currently working for you. Go shopping once in a while for new fashion and some classic pieces you think will work with your body type. Keep your eyes open for stunning new founds and ears for new ideas. And when you have the time and resources take risks and try out some new combination. Don’t be afraid, always trust your instincts.



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