Find Flattering Jeans That Suits You Perfectly

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Find the jean that suits you in flattering and fits perfectly with your body type.

Petite Silhouette

The subtle anatomy allows you to try the all the kinds fearlessly  and worn with heels: Baggy, boyfriend, anything with narrower ankles or “turns” in revers only looks good on a petite girl, especially combined with a chunky heel. Another good idea to add points on the waistline is the lowest waist jeans-especially if you wear them without a belt, so you won’t “cut” the silhouette in the middle and with a comfortable top that “falls” on or just above the middle of your pants.

Full Silhouette

Rich curves and extra points throughout the body; no problem! Absolutely avoid the baggy lines as they are just “covering up” the body, prefer elastic denim which offers comfort and “pick up” the body. The most flattering styles for your body type is definitely the boot-cut and straight wide legs; a straight-leg trousers, produces the effect of a more “fit” silhouette.

Flat Back

The best tactic is to find jeans that help your buttocks look more lifted and rounded.Ask for a pair of trousers that follows the line of the body. Avoid “heavy», baggy denim to hide the feature of your body type, because this jean just “hangs on” you, resulting that the buttocks look even flatter. A useful trick is use jeans With Pockets and Various Decorations.

Slender Silhouette

Although your case sounds ideal to most of the petite girls, your issue is to find jeans with legs length far enough! The good thing is that you can safely try all the styles, applications and shades of denim.

If however you want to show off your long legs in all their … magnificence, it’s recommended the 70s jeans style “the renewed bell ‘or boot-cut trousers in the slimmest version!



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