Hair Color Trends of 2013

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Hair color trends keep changing and have undergone a lot of major changes in past years. So, if you are thinking to color your hairs then it is very important for you to keep yourself updated with latest fashion hair color trends. So that you can adhere to something which is modern and gives you a great look.

1.      Highlighting

The latest trend in hair color is highlighting in which you select different shades of usually brown, red or caramel shades to produce streaks or gradations. Usually, highlighting applies on natural color but you can also apply after coloring with a single base color. For highlighting, different shades red, brown and black are in trend but shades of blue, pink, green are also liked by teenager’ girls.

2.      Runway Trend

Runway trend can help you if you want to give a ravishing look to yourself. It is a very smashing and bold hair color trend. Usually, shades of natural blonde, brunette and black are used in runway trend. Moreover, you can select combination of different colors as well if you want a more smashing look.

3.      Ombre Trend

Ombre trend is so much common in busy working women. It can give you stunning look with regular required touch ups. In ombre trend, roots have darker shades that gradually fade at the end.

4.       Neon Colors

Neon colors are too much in trend. If you want a vibrant look then you should go for neon colors. It can be applied with various popular designs. In market, there are dozens of neon colors are available.

5.      Dyeing

It is another latest fashion trend. In dip dyeing, you can select two toned or multi-toned colors. The ideal colors for dip dyeing hair trend are light burgundy red, dark brown, auburn, chic ginger or any other intense color.

If you want to add more stunning allure to your image, you should maintain your haircut as well. It should be updated as well. Look beautiful!



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