How to Differentiate Original and Fake Perfume

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Everyone wants to look good and smell good. If you are a perfume freak then you must be aware of availability of fake perfumes in shops. So, you should know how to select an original perfume. The most basic different is that scent of fake perfume will lose in a matter of minutes but a scent of original perfume will stay longer. You should know scent of both smells good in the beginning. Usually, people take only few minutes in perfume selection, they usually smell it and since the fake one scent lasts for few minutes and they consider it authentic. Furthermore, a scent of fake perfume will lose within few days and only chemical smell will be left in the bottle.

You should avoid fake perfumes as much as you can as they are very unhealthy too as you don’t know about chemicals involved in that perfume. Those chemicals can be harmful and cause serious skin allergies and diseases. You should know some basic tips by which you will be able to buy an original perfume. They are as follows.

  • Always buy a perfume from a reliable and trustworthy source. You can find many stores offering discounts on branded perfumes but if you think stores can’t be trusted then you should overlook your decision.
  • If you find a store offering great discount on perfumes then you should check its reviews whether by online or through friends first.
  • If you are going to buy a new brand then you should check its details like manufacturer’s name, bottle’s design or color etc online.
  • You should ask for testers first as it will help you to judge its originality  and time in making a smart choice.


Good luck and make a smart choice!




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