How to Look Young at Thirty?

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Makeup can be a perfect way for anyone to look young and stylish, but of course as you grow the type of make should be change accordingly. Gone are the days of eye shadows and lip glosses and now comes a time when you should concentrate on every part of your face to make yourself more appealing and stylish. At thirty, you should look more sophisticated instead of extremely young. Here are few makeup tips that can make you sober but appealing at the age of thirty.

Face Takes More Time

When you are at your thirties then you need to apply some more products then you were applying at your young age. Like, Concealer is something that is not usually used by women in their twenties, but is very necessary for thirties. Concealer helps you to look better by giving you better complexion. It also helps to decolorize marks and spots on your face.

You can use foundation as well after concealer as it will help you to look natural.

Natural Eyes

At the age of twenties, you must be using funky and loud eye colors, but as you age it is important for you to wear soft eye colors. An eye shadow of a decent color will highlight your eyes amazingly.

Browns and earth tones are specially recommended for women in their thirties. These colors are very natural and decent. If you are a working lady then of course you should avoid to wear shiny eye colors.

Shaping The Brow

In women’s face, the brow is the most visible feature. It can change your entire look. So you should be very careful in shaping of your brow.

Softer Lip Shades

If you are a working woman then bright shades of lipsticks are not recommended. You should wear graceful colors. Light pink and light red can be perfect for you if you want to look decent and appealing at the same time.

Red Cheeks? No!!

Keep in mind; blush does not suit every woman. It is even less important when you age. Avoid using too many pink or red tones on your face. It is advisable for women at their thirties to use the cream blush.


As you grow it becomes more important to take care of your skin. You should use different products to protect your skin.  Sunscreen having SPF can be good choice for you to protect your skin from sun rays. It will make your skin healthy and natural.

Stay smart!



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