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Whether you are big or small, it is your right to look and feel great no matter your body type. Most people draw their fashion sense from their favorite models or celebrities, however their body shape is never the same as each and every human is unique and no two individuals on the planet have the same body type.  You need therefore to learn how to adopt various clothing styles for your body type. The key is to understand your body type so that you can be creative in how you dress.

Few people have the perfect body the rest have to create the perfect look for their particular body types. The secret to creating a perfect look is choosing clothes that balance your shape. The first step to doing this successfully is finding out exactly what is your current body type. Basically there are six different categories of body types such as the hourglass, the inverted triangle, the Pear, the rectangle, the diamond and the fuller Figure. Only by knowing your particular body type then you can be sure to perfectly choose clothes that balances your body.

Once you have an idea of what your body shape is, you can dress to accentuate your strong points and minimize your less attractive features.  You also have to be creative with the balancing act so that you avoid some cloth designs that might emphasize you low points, instead increase accessories that pronounce your strong points.

Color matching is also an important factor in looking great.  Wearing colors that suit your skin and hair tone makes you look lovelier. Most people don’t fit neatly into one color category, and to know the best color category for you consult a stylist.  This will make you shopping easy and will guarantee that you look fabulous at all the times.




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