Nail Polish Trends for Every Skin Tone

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Trends are coming and going but you need to find what manicure fits you!You only have to read below what colors fit you perfectly according to your skin tone!


The shade of your skin is the most essential factor that you should always bear in mind when you makeup, whether personally or on nails. Do not forget that like any shade does not fit the same at different eye colors, so all varnishes not fit all women!

Light Skin

You are very lucky if you have pale skin, since you can launch most trendy shades in nail polishes with great success. Consider the “winter type” since winter nail colors is those that highlight your best manicure. The bright, fresh and flirty pink nails match your shade, while a total in purple and dark blue is a must of the season’s colors, you’ll love the new season. The metallic shades are very fashion and they are on your side, and even black and open pastel colors are super for you!

Medium Complexion

An intermediate skin tone, but it allows you to wear several of varnishes that fall in your hands as the lighter shades. The metallic colors are on your side as timeless every year at this time silver, gold and the green beetle that is totally trendy. The mysterious dark blue and dark purple that is fashion, the colors of your choice! Even the most neutral tones like gray you can put this year, it is in the heart of fashion!

Dark Skin

If you have darker skin you should automatically think darker colors for your nails. The bright colors cannot show off your arms as long as they darker, and so this year the mysterious blue, timeless deep red, black like Gotha are the appropriatecolors to show off your manicure!



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