Six Signs That Your Skin Needs More Care

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 Maybe your body doesn’t tell you in words what is happening but it surely shows it when something goes wrong. Your skin is like a “small pin board” listing the mistakes you make in your body, so read it better the next time.

1. Dull Skin

If your skin is dull and colorless it is very likely to be missing from your body omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are responsible for many important processes in your body and between them, the cell hydration of your skin.

2. Easy Bruising

Did you bruise at the slightest flick or when you have a sore it take long to close? If the answer is yes then probably your body lacks vitamin C. Because there are many other symptoms of this vitamin lack, do not self-diagnose; better ask for the doctor’s advice.

3. Acne

It may be a symptom of drug prescriptions or dirty makeup brushes you use on your face. While it is often genetic or hormonal problem, do not miss the fact that your daily habits can changed all about acne.

4. Puffy Eyes

It is usually the result of stress or not good circulation in your lymphatic system, which means that it will also affect your body’s defenses. The slices of cucumber will alleviate the problem and have an easy way to stop your eyes from getting swollen.

5. Vascular System Down

If your cheeks show minor redness or broken small blood vessels, this may be due to increased alcohol consumption or very spicy food. If you want to avoid it, you can put walnut oil in your daily diet.

6. ‘Stretched’ Skin

You feel your skin stretch and dry? After bathing the skin, massage your skin with a body butter that contains coconut oil for deep hydration to get a smoother and glowing skin!



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