The New Hair Color Trends –Dare It!

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You decided to paint your hair, but you do not know which color is the best for you? Brown, red or blonde hair? Readcarefully the tips below to help you acquire the most fitting for your type hair color.

Divine Blonde
The blonde color, like any other, moreover, has many shades, for example, sweet, distinctive blonde or platinum, Ash, etc. Your concern then, is to choose that tone that highlights your features and who will not make them look duller.

• The platinum Blonde shades best suit light skin or with pink base skin.
• The gold and amber Wheat highlight don’t it on dark skin.
• Avoid blonde yellowing after the result does not look naturalat all.
• Make your hair look richer, making dark blonde highlights on the color of honey and caramel.

Warm Red
The new technology dyes will help you easily get the bright red color of your dreams, it will even remain unchanged for a long time.

• If your skin is of pale or pink base, choose shades of strawberry or copper that will brighten your face. Avoid too intense shades, for example that have at their base, cherry or Aubergine purple shades, as they do the results seem excessive.
• Choose a warm reddish brown that gives you brightness and shine in the most natural way.

Sweet Brown
Brown hair usually shows rich and shiny. But if you choose the wrong color, your features will look dull; correct the problem with dark and light shades that will immediately give a volume effect to your hair.
• If your skin is light, prefer the honey or chocolate shades. If you havea wheat shade, show off with a dark warm brown.
• Avoid any shade that lacks a hint of gold. Otherwise your hair will not only look shiny but wild too!



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