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What Is Hair Straightening?

Hair straightening is too much in fashion nowadays, it is basically a hair styling technique in which you straightened your hairs by using different methods, tools, substance relaxers, unique hair shampoos, hair conditioners and lotions are some of the things that are used. Some of these techniques are short-term and others are long lasting. Some of these techniques perform excellent for really curly hairs, while others are best for wavy looks. You will find out what strategy is best for you based on your hair type.

Temporary Methods

Temporary hair strengthening is best for those who want straight hair for a limited time period only. Temporary hair straightening is usually done by hair strengthen tools, hair creams, hair dryer and a round brush. With this strategy your waves will come back immediately if your hairs gets wet, and it will not perform efficiently on incredibly curly hairs. It is a very cheap strategy, so if you have curly or light hairs, and don’t want to invest a lot of cash, this might be the right means for you.

Temporary Hair Straightening Side Effects

– The heat can cause to extreme dry skin and brittleness

– It can cause lack of organic glow and divided ends

Permanent (chemical) Methods

Permanent techniques are best for those who feel like they cannot live with their waves on a day to day basis. Permanent hair straightening is done by using different chemicals that completely eliminates your waves. This is a sure way for those that have incredibly curly hairs. There are different types of long lasting hair straightening ways, and it can be quite costly based on what kind of strategy you choose.

Permanent Hair Straightening Side Effects

– You have to repeat the strategy after sometime if you want to maintain your straight hairs.

– The roots of the hair will be curly while growing out and the rest will be straight

– Excessive dry skin and brittleness

– Chemicals can harm your original hair texture

– It can cause hair hall, lack of organic glow and divided ends

– It can cause a scratchy head and dandruff

Things To Keep In Mind

-Let your hair dresser know each and every hair treatment you have had done.

-Always prefer a hair dresser with a good reputation.

-Never attempt any treatment at home. Always prefer professionals for chemical treatments.

– Permanent hair strengthening cam be expensive as you don’t not only have to pay for treatments. You have to spend extra money in shampoos and conditioners in order to make your hairs healthy.



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