Top 6 Beauty Tips To Get Ready Faster

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We have all been there. There must be some days in your life when you want to sleep extra or don’t want to get out of the bed for no reason. So, for yours all those days, here are top seven makeup tips that can help you to look beautiful fast…. And very fast!

1. Reduce Puffiness Of Your Eyes:While you are resting in bed, you should work on your puffy eyes. You can use a wet tea bag and lay it on your each eye. Tea bag contains caffeine that can help you to reduce puffy eyes in just few minutes.

2. Avoid Using Too Much Foundation: If you are not in mood to apply full face makeup then you can go for tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Applying foundation is kinda tricky and you have to apply it properly in same amount all over the face. Moreover, you can go for a BB cream too, it’s time saving too.

3. Go For Cream Blush: Cream blush can give you more glowing look as compare to powder blush and it looks natural too.

4. Stick with Your One Favorite Shadow: If you don’t have an all over bronzing product then don’t worry, then go for one shadow look. It can be your big time saver too.

5. Prefer Pencil Eye Liner: Girls love eye liners as they give a very stunning look to them. Using a liquid or gel eyeliner takes so much time so you can use pencil eyeliner.

Use Lip Balm Or Gloss: Applying lipstick properly needs a time. You can apply a colored and shiny lip gloss to look fashionable and gorgeous. It’s also easy to apply.

With these tips, you can be ready in a less time then you thought.



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