Top Five Benefits of Wearing High Heels

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A symbol of sexuality and confidence, the high heel has faded in and out of popular fashion over the years and has found itself en vogue once again. A list of the top five benefits of this popular footwear is listed below.

Make Your Legs Look Longer: By slipping on a pair of high heels, your legs appear slender, longer and toned. The heels will make your legs appear a couple inches longer and accentuate the natural shape of your legs by forcing the toes to point downwards.

Heel-Based Exercises for Your Legs: Exercise classes have popped up across North America where the gym rat sheds their flats for heels to tone their thighs and calves. These workouts tend to focus on leg-based exercises such as lunges, squats and some cardio work. The reported benefits to wearing stilettos while working out are they engage the core, tone the body and improve overall posture.

Improves the Wearer’s Posture: By wearing high heels, you are forced to arch your back and at the same time push your butt backwards and your breasts forward in order to maintain your equilibrium. Essentially, your feminine curves become more pronounced as your hips sway gracefully while walking in the heels.

Makes You Look Taller: The additional height of wearing the heels creates the illusion of being even taller by angling the foot on an upwards angle, accentuating your calves and making the curves more pronounced.

Alters the Wearer’s View of Self and Increases Confidence: By putting on a pair of heels, the wearer feels empowered as they are elevated from their usual stature and are able to look someone in the eye, or, even better, look down on someone who they would normally have to look up to.



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