Your Perfect Blonde Hair

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Now in the summer your blonde hair needs attention, with the sun and salt exposure you must take special care, so it won’t fade and lose its luster and vitality. Read below how you manage to look after your blonde hair simply and easily now that it’s summer!

Take care of your perfect blond hair, especially now that you will start the first beauty baths! You need to know how to care for your hair and protect it from the sun, the sea and the styling tools so you will always be beautiful!

The Perfect Blonde

To accomplish the perfect blonde certainly is not the easiest thing in the world! What you need is to keep your blonde hair color vibrant and vivacious! The shampoo is the beginning if you want to keep alive your color. You have to choose a special shampoo for dyed blonde hair (if dyed) that will imprison color and will not let your blonde faded or yellowed. One trick is to put before you shower, a little shampoo on various parts of your head that seem to have lost their color; after shampooing you will see a big difference!

For A Place in the Sun

The sun you know it, you feel it, it is not the best for your blonde hair, and you need to understand that your hair wants special treatment with the exposure to sunlight. The bleaching and the sun combined with sea salt are harmful to your hair and can be proved a lethal combination for your blonde hair. Dress up a hat to protect your hair from solar radiation or put a bathing cap in the pool and you’ll have no problem! Invest in a sunscreen hair spray and do not forget every time you go to the beach is not only important to maintain your color but also to protect your hair!



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