Different Suit Styles for Men
FASHION · MAY 09, 2023

No other piece of clothing makes men more gentlemanly and confident as much as suits do. Generally, a man wearing a suit is more respected and treated better.

The truth is suits are the very essence of professionalism for men. So, if you are a man, you should wear a suit more often. But there are different types of suits.

The Differences in Styles of Suits

1. Shoulders: sloped, straight, and roped

The shoulders are either sloped, straight, and roped. The build of the person wearing the suit will most likely determine which of the three is ideal. The sloped shouldered suit, for example, is good for a well-built man as the shoulder construction does not need help to straighten out.

2. Silhouettes: fitted, structured, and sack

The silhouette refers to the shape of the suit jacket. The fitted cut is ideal for men with an average size. The structured silhouette is ideal for men with wider waist trim. The jacket also comes with padded shoulders and the base is slightly wide. The sack silhouette is tailored to be especially flattering for men with a fuller and wider physique.

3. Lapels: peak, notched, and shawl

Lapel refers to the flaps on the sides of the jacket adjoined to the collar. The three major types of lapel are the peak, notched, and the shawl. They are differentiated by their respective widths. The notched are shaped 'v' to the sides and are the most common. The shawl is more appropriate for formal dress code settings.

4. Pocket Types: jetted, flap, angled, patch, and ticket

One of the first things that are noticed about a suit is the style of the pocket. It is professionally called the jacket breast pocket as it is always no larger than the lapels. The one you decide to use is all about personal preference.

5. Breasted: single and double

Suit style comes either single or double-breasted. A single-breasted suit comes with one or two buttons along the seam, while a double-breasted comes with four to six buttons on the jacket. A single-breasted jacket is more popular because it can be paired with different styles of pants.

6. Vent: single, double, and no vent

The vent is the slit at the back of the suit jacket. There are three major styles here. On some suits, the vents are by the sides and are always two. These styles are known as side vents. Other suits have no vents and are more appropriate for winter dressing. The center vents are the most common because they look more professional.

7. Linings: unlined, half-lined, and fully lined

The suit lining refers to the piece of light clothing used to cover the interior of the suit. Depending on the weather and personal preference, one may decide to choose whichever he likes.

8. Sleeve Buttons: one, two, three, and four

On the sleeves, the buttons on each arm also have different styles. Some suites have one button while some have two. The other two variations are the three-buttoned and the four-buttoned sleeves. All four styles are good and professional. Different types of suits all have a different number of sleeve buttons. The type you wear is a personal preference.

Types of Suits

1. The formal suit

If you are going for a job interview or a business meeting where you are going to present a proposal, it is best to look formal. A single-breasted, peak-lapelled suit will do the magic. Make sure it is well-fitted as well.

2. The tuxedo

The tuxedo is what you go for when you really want to look your best. It can go for a formal suit and can also be worn alternatively for dinner. Tuxedos are mostly black or navy blue. The tuxedos usually have flaps and the pocket styles are always jetted. It looks best with a white shirt.

3. The business suit

It should always be plain, and never double-breasted. It should always be worn as a three-piece suit with a lapel-free waistcoat. The color should not be too catchy and the silhouette should be fitted or sack. Remember, you should look confident.

4. The Casual Suit

Since the dressing is all about comfort and confidence these days, there is an increase in casual suits for men who do not want to conform to a special dress code. A casual suit jacket is for the dressers whose main objective is comfort. Casual suits come in a range of universal colors that can be worn anytime.

5. The Dinner Suit

These types of suits are the ones you choose when you need to look decent and confident for that date night or award night. It is usually accompanied by a black bow tie. When going for dinner, it is best to look for a fitted, single-breasted suit with straight pants to complement it.

6. The Party Suit

There may be times when you are attending a party but you know you might get a little 'loose' but still want to show up in a jacket. Most party suits are long and are double-breasted. They may look a little sporty and worn over a tee shirt. Even though it is not as formal as other types of suits, it is still trendy.


Not just any type of suits will do, you need to get the best for the event. No matter what you plan to do, there is always a suit well-crafted for the specific outing. Your suit can make for a lasting first impression, hence it is vital to make the best choice.



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