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Trans-Siberian Railroad: History, Places, and People
TRAVEL · JUNE 16, 2022
The Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR) happens to be the longest railway line in the whole world. The TSR was built between 1891 and 1916 and connects three main routes: Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian, Trans-Manchurian routes which all together spans a whooping length of 9,289 kilometers, amounting to some 5,772 miles, which is still being extended to date. Due to its length and economic importance, a lot of travelers are attracted to the railway, have a fantastic experience, and pen down their adventures.
8 Better Matte Lipsticks Than Your Traditional Lipsticks
FASHION · JUNE 06, 2022
If you're a woman and are reading this, you should know a lot about matte lipsticks. But if you're just getting familiar with them, they are liquid, opaque lipsticks that have more wax and richer colors, but less oil in them. Because matte lipsticks aren't popular in the oily department, their texture on the lips is generally drying. Just as all fingers aren't equal, there are matte lipsticks that surpass others of their kind and are even multiple times better than the traditional lipsticks you hold dear to your heart. Check out these matte lipstick brands you can buy:
Best Sandals for Summer Shoes Trends
FASHION · MAY 11, 2022
When you need to dress up anyway and step out of your comfort zone, you just open your closet and find the best outfit complementing the weather. But, pay special attention to the footwear as well to suit your dress uniquely. This summer has given you a perfect chance to step out and transform your shoes according to the requirements of the season. Whether you wear sneakers, boots, rangers, or high thighs, styling and comfort should be the priority to face the rush with more confidence.
15 Natural Ways to Remove Pores
BEAUTY · MAY 05, 2022
4K, 5K, 14K, Ultra HD! Whoa! In today's "techy" world, visual aesthetics matter the most, isn't it? But wait, does your ultra HD camera captures the minute details even in the selfie mode?.... Yes? Cool phone! But not so cool if you have pores around your nose, chin, and cheeks! Plus, if you are the one who loves makeup, you very well know what pores are capable of ruining the whole look. Pores can be super annoying, stressful and can massively ruin your no-filter looks. Keep calm as all you need is to know the few factors that are at play! Dive in for open pores treatment at home.

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